Tuesday 13 December 2016

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Limo Hire Coventry

Coventry is a vibrant city and Metropolitan borough slap bang in the centre of England. Often overlooked in favour of flashy Birmingham, Coventry has a lot to offer in terms of family friendly attractions, popular bars and nightclubs and quirky restaurants.
Whether you live in Coventry or wish to travel to Coventry to take advantage of its delights, citylimos hire coventry , is the mode fleet of transport to enhance your experience.
Limo hire Coventry means your journey is as exciting as your destination, whatever the occasion.
A concert or sporting event at the Ricoh arena, a visit to Kasban, Jumping Jacks, or Club M nightclubs, or a fantastic meal at The Ocean, The Ansty or the Blue Orchid restaurants, are opportunities to travel in the style you would like to become accustomed to.
In fact you don’t need to have a specific destination in mind at all, but instead simply enjoy a ‘pose and cruise’ enjoy some free bubbly (non alcoholic bubbly for under 18s) and enjoy the ride.
If you are looking for children’s party ideas in Coventry, how about a ‘pose and cruise in a pink’ baby bentley limousinelimo hire coventry where the children have their party in the limo, or extend the party and let us take them to jam jam boomerang, where they can party in the playzone and enjoy a party feast. Alternatively book a supermodel or pamper party with us, and we will arrange for the party goers to be entertained by professional beauty therapists and photographers in your own home.
School Prom limo hire Coventry, Anniversary limo hire Coventry, Birthday limo hire Coventry, wedding limo hire Coventry, Hen party limo hire Coventry, honeymoon airport limo hire Coventry are but a few of the occasions we have made memorable, not to mention the romantic Valentines day limo hire, and even marriage proposals.
Be the talk of the town (or the city!!) and citylimos a call, for the best in limo hire in Coventry the keenest prices.