Sunday 3 March 2013

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Ricoh Arena has been Coventry City's home since 2005
Ricoh Arena has been Coventry City's home since 2005
Skybluejakarta: I am still hoping that this is just verbal sparring and work is proceeding behind the scenes to reach resolution.
Sadly, though, the arguments presented in public are weak on both sides. The claim that the rent is too high for a club in League One is ludicrous, similar to me taking over the Tesco store at the Ricoh, agreeing a rent and then failing to stock the shelves and annoying all my customers. After nine months of empty shelves and no customers I then complain that the rent is too high compared to the Londis store in Hillfields. You took on a 32,000 stadium and a plan for Premier League status, you need to pay up for your own mistakes.
How ACL justified £1.2m annual rent at the time is beyond me given no match day revenue. That is £2 on each ticket based on 20,000 per match. Not sustainable in League One or Championship. However it appears £400,000 offer is around £1 per ticket and if we all promise to eat a burger then it is very cheap for the stadium quality and share of food revenue. Put another way, would you pay an extra £1 per game to sit at the Ricoh versus the other grounds on offer?
If this is a ruse to bankrupt ACL and get stadium and grounds on the cheap then I would sooner bulldoze the stadium and restart the club at the Memorial Park than allow that to hire coventry

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